Using Chemicals in Infrastructure and Manufacturing for Improvements

  • Cost effective adhesives, coatings, and  sheets to construction and manufacturing clients
  • P3 project advisory service

Sturdy Associates, LLC


Sturdy Associates, LLC, is dedicated to bringing cost effective adhesives, coatings, and advisory services to its construction and manufacturing clients, and facilitating Public Private Partnerships.


We work with clients to select, acquire, and apply the right chemicals for critical assembly and construction tasks. We supply adhesives to bond substrates, and polymers and sheets to protect engineered facilities from environmental vapor, water, and chemical contamination.

Advisory Services

Sturdy Associates advises and assists in forming Public Private Partnerships (P3s) projects. We help public asset owners understand the challenge and potential for forming partnerships with financial and concessionaire firms in engineering and construction. We can also help negotiate on behalf of the stakeholders.

The Reasons for Using Sturdy Associates

Design, engineering, and construction firms, that rebuild and preserve America’s infrastructure, will aid their customers by using Sturdy Associates’ products and services to achieve the best value-for-money outcome. 

Private and public asset owners will benefit from the lowest life cycle cost, and higher quality and longer lasting solutions to engineering challenges.

Manufacturing and converting industries will see thoughtful and creative value and benefits.

From assessments and evaluation, to supply of materials, and to turnkey operations for infrastructure and manufacturing, we deliver value and peace of mind for customers.

Your Next Step

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Industry Memberships



Sturdy Associates, LLC, is an Associate Member of the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI).


We are a member of the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).