Coatings and Liners

Spray coating and geotextile coated liners for waterproofing, vapor barrier, and chemical, abrasion & impact resistance.

P3 Advisory Service

Help clients gain or grow positions in Public Private Partnerships (P3) via education, support, facilitation, and negotiation. 

Coatings and Liners for Infrastructure

Aviation Fueling & Deicing

Deicing fluid and potential spill collection pads and basins that are effective in containment when coated by polyurea geotextile pads or spray coating.

Airport Fuel Vaults

Fuel vaults sealed by polyurethane to fill gaps and then polyurea to provide a complete seal prevent soil and water table contamination.


Tunnels sprayed with polyurea are less susceptible to moisture and gas vapor ingress.


State-of-the-art waterproofing membranes of polyurea serve to divert water and in northern climes deicing salts away from the bridge support structure.

Secondary Containment

An asset that can leak and discharge content can have geotextile coated polyurea laid in place and sealed or spray coated to protect the environment.


Waste, discharge, and potable water and chemical lines are coated for exterior protection when being installed and interior for rehabilitation underground.

P3 Advisory Service

Sturdy Associates, LLC, provides advisory services to private and government infrastructure owners, and engineering and construction companies.  We inform about the P3 project process and viability, guide in determining economic evaluation, and enable and assist negotiation and successful implementation of our client's participation in the P3 process.

  • Educate on P3s, including their appropriateness, value, and use.
  • Join with experts and industry contacts to help evaluate and prepare P3 development efforts.
  • Interface with public stakeholders on behalf of engineering and construction company clients.
  • Manage projects to win and execute P3 awards, including analysis, planning, team formation, and project negotiation and management.

Useful resources for understanding the P3 project process, contributed to by a Sturdy Associate for the AIAI: