About Us

Ingenuity + Problem Solving = Value for Clients

  • Protect plant and infrastructure assets from deterioration due to water, vapor, chemical, or environmental degradation, avoiding deferred maintenance cost.
  • Extend assets' lives through surface protection.
  • Participate in Public Private Partnership analysis, formation, and implementation to share risk.
  • Access subject matter knowledge and analysis for specialty chemicals.

Our Method of Working for You

With decades of  experience from our staff, we bring judgment and ingenuity in creating the best life cycle value. We will:

  • Consult with you to define your needs and suggest the best solution.
  • We will provide a clear and understandable list of alternatives and the economics, risks, and assurances around each.  
  • Deliver the agreed solution on time, on budget, and exceeding performance expectations.  We will arrange the service providers or take the responsibility to deliver the solution ourselves.

Ask Us What We Can Do

We will deliver value that is worthy of your consideration. Your business depends on it.