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Food, Processing Plant Flooring Coating

Upgrade surfaces by selecting and applying the optimized coating material for the operating environment

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Thesis creation and all aspects of execution

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Food and Process Plant Flooring to Enhance Food Safety Management and cGMP

Balancing flooring improvement performance and cost, a polymeric coating, with the compositional ingredients, application, and thickness tailored to maximize benefit for the facility owner, is applied.  It will typically be multiple coats of primer, and polyurea, polyurethane, of hybrid of those two or can be an epoxy, whichever is best for the client.  If using polyurea, these benefits occur:

  • A faster return to service can be achieved by a fast setting material that is 100% VOC-free
  • No residuals
  • A wiide application temperature (-20F to 140F)
  • An even wider operating service temperature (-50F to 250F)
  • Withstands thermal shock when sanitizing cold flooring
  • Extends the time between flooring repairs and recoats by being impact and abrasion resistant
  • Less water and lower chemical spend needed for floor cleaning, and in some cases less frequent sanitization cleaning is needed
  • Seamless for easy cleaning and excellent sanitation
  • Crack free, reducing bacterial growth
  • A significant contributor to Zone 3 food safety management improvement, lower risk of product contamination
  • Technology available that meet FDA 21CFR 175.300 (c) / (d) and ANSI NSF 61 approved

To consider Sturdy Associates, contact us and we will follow these steps:


1. Meet to understand priorities

     a. Operational: time allowed to do the job; job start date; desired life of the coating (time between recoating); interest in noise, vibration mitigation, no- to low-slip; impact resistance, abrasion resistance; chemicals used for cleaning; safety, health, and environmental issues

     b. Customer cost considerations and constraints

2. Conduct a no-fee assessment and prepare suggested solution that includes a comparison of alternatives

3. Present an Offer that will include:

     a. Floor preparation – crack filling, cleaning, and preparing for primer

         ▫ Coordination with site maintenance and structural floor contractors

     b. Applying the primer and coats of coating material

     c. Post installation cleanup

     d. Periodic progress reports during the project if requiring more than one day

     e. Periodic post-installation inspection and repair schedule

Packaging and Converting

  • Adhesives and coatings to bond and seal products, equipment, and facilities
  • Six Sigma process for operation and devleopment
  • Lean Manufacturing assessment and implementation

Functional Contribution

Board Membership

  • Appropriate governance and functional overview as required
  • Focused especially in specialty materials and general management
  • Emphasis on strategy and business development & execution


  • Examine the requested target market
  • Establish desirable application and product segments as well as industry participants
  • Select candidate targets based on actionability potential and attractiveness
  • Prepare thesis
  • Engage and negotiate with acquisition candidates
  • Intergrate acquisition to the extent desired by the client